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About us

From the beginning in 2013

the Murano glass has established itself as the shopping destination of the most demanding customers who wish to complete their home with the best that Italian Murano glass can offer.
Just imagine – your dining room decorated with sumptuous Italian crystal fixtures, your hallway welcomes you with a spectacular mirror in Murano glass and the kitchen lights with the best modern Italian lighting projects.
Today you can choose from our extensive catalog, consisting of thousands of original, “Made in Italy” products – It does not end here … the objects dream bespoke / custom can come to life with us, take a cue from our portfolio!
We are proud to have worked with hundreds of customers on custom designs, from simple products and delicate Venetian designer. This is thanks to our close relationships, cultivated over the years, with skilled craftsmen and Italian producers and jewelry and design specialty gift.
You will not find our products on the highway. We are proud to have originated our knowledge and ranges in years of field work, visiting all of our producers personally.


A Murano glass brand, which has brought to you with all the pride and attention to detail of the glass has best to offer.
Our site is dedicated exclusively to the top of the range of products in Murano glass. We offer the public the beauty of Murano glass directly through our website.
To meet the requirements of transparency and professional certification Murano glass works, the speed and professionalism in dealing with customers and fans,
for the promotion of the artistic heritage, it came out of the Murano Glass Made exported to the United Kingdom United States Australia Japan Germany
The mission is to offer a single market place on Murano glass, where to buy, discuss and share the unique art.
The products in the store are Certifed “Murano Glass” by our team of experts with years of industry experience.
Art objects offered and certificates are made on the island of Murano.


Objects are always treated in accordance with the Murano glass working techniques and accurately described and subject to the fundamental contribution of comunty. through the original site, you can request a free quote of works by our professionals and
meet the applicable Community impressions.
Already present in our facebook Twitter and G + community has already more than likes and tents since its launch in March 2013 to increase more and more.
We hope you will find what you are looking for and we look forward to hearing from you!
Anna Di Fonzo
Mademuranoglass CEO is a trademark of Jumany Ltd is a company registered in Wales V.A.T. VAT number 193 5440 94


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