Made Murano Glass was launched in March 2015.

A brand, it brought to you with all the pride and attention to detail of the best glass has to offer. Our website is dedicated solely to the top range of Murano Glass goods. We offer to the public the finest of Murano Glass directly through our website. These include, but are not limited to Chandeliers, modern, and old style interior lighting systems, beautiful vases, exclusive sculptures made by the best glass master, old Venetian design goblets, necklaces, and much much more.

The idea is born by the experience of a team of expert entrepreneurs from Murano, who has been fully involved in the art sector of Murano glass since 2010.

To meet the requirements of transparency and professional certification of works in Murano glass , speed and professionalism in dealing with clients and the passionate, for the promotion of artistic heritage, it came out the Made Murano Glass exported in United Kingdom
The mission is to offer a unique market place on the glass of Murano, where to buy, discuss and share the unique art.

The products in the shop are certifed ” Murano Glass ” by our team of experts with years of experience in the field.
Art objects offered and certificates are made in Murano island where they are localy made, and reported as made nearby Murano, when necessary made in the near mainland adjacent to the island of Murano.

The objects are always treated in accordance with the techniques of glassmaking Murano and accurately described and subject to the fundamental contribution of comunty.

We believe in the opportunities offered by the web channel with the direct feedback of consumers and fans of the glass allows you to give certain guarantees about the provenance of the works discussed , combining into a single portal knowledge of professionals in the field with the requirements certification that the artistic products require.

Through the site Original MadeMuranoGlass.co.uk, you can ask for a free estimate of works by our professionals and
meet the impressions of the communty.

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