Butterfly Murano Red 1511



Butterflies are ideal as a gift or as an elegant object for your home.

The Our Unique because Butterflies are handmade so no one is equal.

We present only some models but we have many.

Special tools are essential for Murano artisans to make their glass. Some of these tools include borselle (tongs or pliers used to hand-form the red-hot glass), canna da soffio (blowing pipe), pontello (an iron rod to which the craftsman attaches the object after blowing in order to add final touches), scagno (the glass-master’s workbench) and tagianti (large glass-cutting clippers). The tools for glass-blowing have changed little over the centuries and remain simple. An old Murano saying goes “Good tools are nice, but good hands are better,” reinforcing the artistic nature of the glass-making process, which relies on the skill of the worker rather than the use of special tools.

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